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Dog Training & Advice

We are dog training with a difference!

At Stepping Out Dog Training we look at the relationship between the dog and her owner, as well as the basics. We are looking for a balance in ALL aspects of a dog and its humans life so they can live happily in harmony.

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Discover a world of happiness with your best friend.

Dogs are social animals who rely on the guidance of their humans for mental and physical stimulation to aid their happiness and health.

At Stepping Out Dog Training we teach fellow humans how to give Fido a enriching, balanced life.
Like humans,  dogs also need companions, socialisation and a purpose in life. Sometimes we humans forget that our dogs need a balance in life, just like us, they like to have a little bit of fun along the way too.


Pre-School Puppy
Our Pre-School Puppy class is a 6 week socialisation course to get your puppies used to a busy classroom, new noises and smells, teaching them how to socialise with other puppies and humans, to get them ready for the Beginners All Rounder Class.

Beginners All Rounder Class
Our beginners All Rounder Class is a 6 week course providing you with the basic commands to get your started and have some fun with your dog.

Feed Me More Class
Our Feed Me More Class is a 6 week intermediate course leading from our Beginners All Rounder Class. It continues on with more on and off lead skills open for handlers looking for a more in fun training with their best friend.

Big Dog Big Reward Class
Our Big Dog Big Reward Class is a 6 week course for all those big dogs who are normally too big for some classes. Have fun and learn some of those tricky commands.

Best Behaviour Consultations
Our Best Behaviour Consultation is where we give one to one consultations focusing on a specific behavioural challenges the humans are experiencing. Our advice and specifically tailored behaviour plans will help both the humans and their dog, setting you up for your life to come. 

Rescue Dog Training Classes
Our Rescue Dog Training Class is a SUPER SPECIAL course created for rescue dog owners. We invest time and patience with the humans and their rescue dog on a one to one basis to teach the dog how to adapt and interact in a 'normal' home environment. We focus on humans behaviour and how WE can make the transition from rescue to loved rescue dog easier and stress free.


Let me introduce myself...

My name is Heather Saville and I am the owner of Stepping Out Dog Training!

I have been working with dogs for over 15 years, rescuing and rehoming sled dogs through my charity Saints Sled Dog Rescue for the last 9 years...

In that time I have fostered and rehabilitated over 600 dogs personally, rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed over 870 dogs with SSDR and have completed the IMDT course in dog training and behaviour so I could help MORE people like you!

But that's just all numbers, my real aim is to help dogs and their humans to have a balanced HAPPY life together whether rescue dog or puppies, being able to share my tips and experiences with you to show you how AMAZING having a happy, health pup really is.

I do NOT judge you or your dogs abilities, we all find it a struggle at times but I am here to help you create balance to a happy family.

Not sure on what you are looking for from the Stepping Out Dog Training? Just come and say Hi so we can have a chat about what you may need...